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Butler Nephew & Co
Butler, Nephew & Cº., were first established in Oporto by H. Burmester and John Nash in 1730, and, like most British firms of that age, they were both general merchants as well as shippers, under the name of Burmester, Nash & C.º.

In 1789 J. Nash and H. Burmester dissolved partnership and James Butler, a clerk and employee of the firm, was taken in as a partner and the firm became Nash, Butler & C.º.

Twenty years later, J. Butler took into partnership Mr. Tyndale, Mr. Nash’s nephew, and the title of the firm then became Butler, Tyndale & Cº. In 1829 James Butler’s nephew, Robert Butler, joined the firm and the title of the firm was again changed to Butler, Nephew and C.º.

They carried on a very conservative and exclusive trade, shipping nothing but the most expensive and highest class wines, from their very fine stocks, which policy they pursue to this day, now with Christie’s Port Wine Producer & Shipper, Ldª. the actual owner of the brand.