Christie's Wine

Port Wine Discovery Kit

In an elegant and original kit, we present three of our Port wines, so you can set out to discover a whole world of aromas and flavors.

Butler Nephew’s white 10 years old Port exhibits a complex and intense aroma of dried fruits, honey and delicate old port wood notes. On the palate it is very smooth and balanced, with a rich, fresh and elegant finish. And excellent aperitif.

Our Finest Reserve is the youngest of our tawny ports family and even being the younger of our ports, shows the perfect combination between young fruitiness and the maturity of seven year average maturing in wood; moderately sweet with nicely balanced fruity flavors and rich aroma of ripe plums, cherries and some chocolate notes.

The 20 Years Old Port shows an excellent balance between rich and elegant ripe berry fruit aroma, and the mellow notes of dried fruit, figs and some hints of vanilla. Smooth and silky texture, one can taste the fresh fruity surrounded by more complex flavors, obtained during the ageing in wood.

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